Exploding Targets

Exploding TargetsExploding Targets are NOT all made the same, so when your trying to figure out where to get explosive targets, look no further… you found it. We hear the questions all the time… “Where can I buy exploding targets or explosive targets?” Exploding targets can be purchased from from various places, but what exactly are you really getting for your money?

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There are very few quality exploding target companies on the market, and only one military grade explosive target company… Patriot Exploding Targets. Our exploding rifle targets are of the highest quality, using uncut materials… we use a military grade aluminum powder, and we are the only company that does.

If anyone claims to have a military grade product, compare our catalyst to theirs and you will see the difference.

Patriot Exploding Targets are the highest quality military grade exploding targets available that exceed the performance of any other explosive target you can buy.

When you are ready to buy explosive targets, give Patriot Exploding Targets a try. Every time you buy our exploding rifle targets they come professional packaged, contain the required paperwork, and comply with all state and federal aluminum powder shipping rules pertaining to HAZMAT or ORM-D shipping protocols.

Patriot Exploding Targets which are classified as an exploding target or explosive target, and are a binary explosive used as a reactive target for firearms training and practice. Because of its nature and composition it requires a high velocity bullet (or firearm cartridge) to detonate. A lower velocity bullet (or firearm cartridge) will not detonate the product, this includes handguns and low velocity rifle rounds.

Common names encountered for our products are: exploding target,exploding targets, explosive target, explosive targets, exploding rifle targets and explosive rifle targets. In their natural unmixed state Patriot Exploding Targets are remarkably stable when subjected to external forces such as dropping, heat, and impact.

Patriot Exploding Targets have a myriad of applications to include: club shoots and competitions, re-enactments and demonstrations, and training venues for law enforcement and military personnel. It is also used in land and obstacle clearing.

Patriot Exploding Targets are completely legal for civilians to purchase and utilize, yes you can buy exploding targets.

The reaction to a cartridge successfully hitting a Patriot Exploding Target is breathtaking, the detonation is instantaneous, and at times the shock-wave can be felt.

Patriot Exploding Targets can also serve as an explosive, and prior to mixing the components can be transported and sold within the United States without special permitting.

If you have additional questions, feel free to view our Frequently Asked Questions page where we cover the most common questions covering legality, and use.

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